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Posting Guidelines

1. Any type of graphic so long as it relates to Common Law (or its actors) is allowed: icons, wallpapers, headers, layouts, banners, manips, drawings, animations, etc.
2. All works posted must be your own. Do Not claim someone else’s work as your own.
3. Any image larger than 400 px in width should be placed behind an lj-cut or posted as a thumbnail
4. Spoilers should be placed behind an lj-cut or linked to your own journal with a warning somewhere in the post (while you may live on spoilers, others do not, please be courteous) Material is considered a spoiler up until the episode airs in the US
5. When posting icons (or thumbnails) Teasers are encouraged (maximum of 4 for icons, and 2 for other art) outside of the cut
6. Do Not link to locked posts, unless it will be unlocked for a certain time period, and please note this in you post
7. Be respectful. Follow each maker’s rules. No bashing, rude comments, hotlinking, stealing, flaming, etc.
8. We welcome all art: gen, het, or slash and be aware of content of an adult nature. When posting such art please label your work appropriately and be sure to flag the post as “adult content”. And be sure to put such content behind a cut.
9. Please TAG your posts accordingly. If there is not an appropriate tag available, please leave a note in your post and your MOD will add it (current tags)
10. Pimping of Common Law related comms will be allowed with MOD Permission. Please see our affiliates post for more details

About Common Law

Common Law is about two of LAPD’s finest Robbery-Homicide detectives who are polar opposites and after 7 years can’t stand each other. Wes Mitchell (Warren Kole) is a former lawyer whose sensitivity to an event in his life sparked his desire to become a cop and who sacrificed his marriage to do so. He sees things in black and white, is responsible, compulsively organized, methodical and often over thinks decisions. His partner, Travis Marks (Michael Ealy) is a former juvenile delinquent and maverick ladies man who was has a fear of abandonment, commitment and intimacy. While he's an open book and deeply trusts his gut instincts, he's carefree, irresponsible, disorganized and doesn't play by the rules. Since their constant bickering is interfering with their work, their Captain (Jack McGee), who found counseling changed his life, sends them to couples' therapy. Dr. Ryan (Sonya Walger), a tough-as-nails therapist, tries to help them understand and resolve their conflicts and confront their demons in order to enhance their ability to work together solving crimes. (USA Network)

The best way I've thought of to describe the show in a pinch is: It's like "The Odd Couple" but with guns.

Common Law is currently airing its Freshman season to rave reviews Fridays at 10PM on USA Network.

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